Do Something, Right Now

2 min readMar 4, 2021


Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia from Pexels

Read the title and you are done.

Yeah just do something, just do it now. As the oldest cliche goes, there is no moment like now.

Dwell on the past? I do it too.

A lot.

So many embarassing and regrettable things to reflect on, no? If I can just get one penny each time I think about my past and hate myself for it, I’d be a millionaire.

Guess what, no one is handing over me that reward. What’s more, that moment I spent on daydreaming about getting the imaginary penny? It is gone now. Just like that. It became another past. Another moment that I would regret and would not get even one tiny penny for.

What about the future? Well, it hasn’t come has it? I am pretty sure it is going to be bad, and I feel bad for it. But hey, what can you do?

If you are going to suffer later, why do you need to do it in advance? You can just go through the suffering later, like, in the future.

What about now? Well, you do something.

Here is the key, you do something pro-actively. So scrolling on your phone or binge watching Netflix don’t count. If it helps, just close your eyes.

Close your eyes and picture somthing that you’d like to do right now.

You want to read that old novel you’ve been 10 pages in forever?

You want to draw some lines on a piece of paper?

You want to do 10 squates?

You want to meditate a bit, say, for 2 minutes?

Well, do it, do it now. Open your eyes and do it.

You didn’t do it in the past, yeah that’s sad. Especially thinking that if you have, you probably have already finished like 100 books now with a killing beach body. I know, it sucks.

But hey, it’s in the past. If it is in the past you cannot change, just take them as the most irrelevant thing in the world. Just do it now.

Would it benefit you in the future? Maybe, maybe not. It does not matter, no one can predict, so do not try to predict. You live at the moment, so you use this moment.

Do a tiny bit of pro-active thing, right now.